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At A-MIX, modern technology, robust processes and high operational efficiency helps us create customer satisfaction. From meticulous selection of raw material, automated and process-driven order-taking and fulfilment mechanisms to end-to-end quality checks, our processes are calibrated to manufacture concrete to meet the requirements of our customers

At the plants, the back-end order processes are complemented by a robust SAP-based order-booking framework designed to block and allocate resources for order fulfilment. The process is further optimised through various automated mechanisms such as pump and TM (transportation management) utilisation index, calendar blocking and batcher efficiency. The mechanisms enable us to precisely predict and plan for any potential deviations in the production schedule.

Web-based platforms and GPS-enabled vehicles enable customers to track the loading and unloading of their orders. A dedicated team monitors the dispatch 24x7 to ensure there are no slippages in the delivery schedules.

At A-MIX, enabling in-time completion of projects through timely deliveries is not just a key performance indicator but also the cornerstone of our operational excellence strategy. It helps us earn customer satisfaction and has helped build relationships with our customers.

However, unexpected delays and unanticipated problems can delay the application of the concrete resulting in wastage and cost overruns. We understand this well and have provisioned for unexpected delays by including the right quality and amount of retarders in our product composition. Additionally, we also provide the services of concrete designers who are empowered to provide specific solutions for redosing of admixture to work around unforeseen hold-ups at the site.

At A-MIX, we put our products through severe testing to ensure our customers get the specified quality of material for their structures. Our concrete meets the prescribed standards for grade-specific maximum compressive strength as laid down in IS: 456-2000. All our testing procedures are compliant with the norms laid down in IS: 1199.